Web2 -> Web3

In this guide, we'll begin by exploring the current landscape of the internet - Web2 - its pain points, and how the next generation - Web3 - intendeds to solve them. From there, we'll discuss the technologies enabling this movement, and how users can interact with them.

The concepts introduced in this section will be of fundamental importance as it touches upon the cornerstone values that we as a society value, moving increasingly towards digital dependence.


Web3 and its technologies are transforming the way we interact with money, data and digital assets. It’s the next generation of the internet that promises to be more decentralized, transparent, and secure than the current web. It introduces concepts of self-custody and digital ownership, which put you - the user - in control of your data and online interactions, instead of relying on centralized entities. In this guide, you will explore the fundamentals of Web3 and learn how it can unlock new opportunities in the digital era.

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